3 Ways Being a Mentor to Others Can Skyrocket Your Own Career

A chance to network with your fellow mentoring peers

Mentorship programs provide a way for both protégés and mentors to network. When you reach out and get involved, you’re bound to meet like-minded people. These types of events are a pressure-free way to network with your peers in both your field of work and others.

Many major organizations foster mentorship programs; financiers often join the CFA mentorship program, marketing professionals look to the CMA. They form group settings where the protégé can hear from both mentors like yourself as well as mentors from different backgrounds. Similarly, you converse with not only the protégés who take initiative but with fellow mentors as well. Additionally many companies foster their mentorship initiatives from within. So get out there and get involved.

Protégés can keep you in the loop

It is crucial to staying in the loop (so to speak) in this ever-changing innovative world. It’s nearly impossible to be 100% up to date on every new app, emerging job trends, and the digital requirements for companies to remain competitive. Mentoring has always been part of the workplace, but now, it’s safe to say that 60% of the jobs in the ten years to follow have yet to be invented. As much as junior protégés must stay ahead of the game, mentors do too.

Hearing about what your mentee is going through can offer a new perspective. Don’t forget, these young professionals are the most educated generation to date and are required to have more experience than ever before, even before jumping into a new job market. In return, they have much to offer. Mentees can offer further insight into what is trending. So ask them! They might know all about a new hot gadget, best new app, or a social media channel that’s right around the corner.

Discussing your accomplishments and downfalls can encourage self-reflection

When given the chance to reflect on what you have done right and what you would have done differently, you can leverage that experience you may have forgotten you have.

In a busy life with an even busier career, it’s easy to forget that you’ve accomplished a lot. Take a moment to tell your protégé what you’ve done right. Knowing you’ve done well in the past alleviates potential pressure on your future self.
Contrarily, set your ego aside by allowing your protégé to ask why you’ve failed in the past. Tell them what you could have done. Rehashing these instances could tell you something about yourself and your surrounding situations. Self-awareness is key in any career.





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