Five BNI Resources Worth Remembering

Whether you are a BNI member, past or present, running a small business, an entrepreneur, or considering a career change, BNI has some valuable resources available to you that you may not know about or may have forgotten.

BNI Successnet

Resources from BNI Successnet range span a monthly newsletter, articles to help you grown your business, networking tips, success stories from other BNI members, news, and events, and articles from BNI's Founder, Dr. Ivan Misner.

Take advantage of the numerous articles and gain insights from BNI's global membership. Tap into the collective experience of thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs for advice and support.

Dr. Ivan Misner Part 1

Dr. Ivan Misner's website provides regular articles on networking, referrals, and entrepreneurship. You can signup to receive notifications of the latest articles right in your inbox.

You have the opportunity to learn firsthand from the founder of BNI and his 30+ years of networking and referral marketing. Additionally, the site gives opportunities to other contributors who provide new perspectives and experiences.

The site also acts as a hub to other referral and networking resources such as the Referral Institute and Networking Now so you can continue your networking and referral skills.

Dr. Ivan Misner Part 2

Dr. Misner is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine where he, again, shares articles about networking and referrals to help entrepreneurs succeed. You can also enjoy other articles and resources from the magazine that could prove helpful to your business.

Our Blog

If you are reading this, then you have already been introduced to the value of the BNI GTA blog. We like to provide a mix of resources from BNI-centric content to tips and resources to help you establish and grow your business.

In the coming months, we hope to have guest bloggers sharing their stories and perspectives that BNI members and beyond will find value in reading so be sure to watch this space.

Our Social Accounts

We pride ourselves on augmenting the content BNI, and we create with valuable content that we curate from complementary sources. Content designed to help you manage and grow your business, be more productive and keep up with the changing business landscape.

Be sure to like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest from us and our favourite sources of valuable content.

If you have suggestions for content or would be interested in guest blogging, then get in touch and let's talk. We are always looking for new ideas and fresh perspectives.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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