Is Golfing The New Way To Network?

Senior Couple Golfing On Golf Course Lining Up Putt On Green

In any industry where interpersonal relationships are significant, golf is an effective tool. The golf course is an ideal environment to get to know an individual on a personal and active level. Being stuffed into an office space or boardroom for meetings and introductions is not as ideal as using an active tool such as golf. It lets both parties discover working relationships by leveraging teamwork, in the case of shotgun tournaments, and sportsmanship which golf is all about. A major benefit during golf is networking. It provides the opportunity to get to know your business colleagues on a personal level. The assets that individuals find worthy in business partners are confidence, composure, and assuredness, which can all appear on the golf course.

Golf is a timely sport that involves a great amount of downtime during which there are plenty of opportunities for quality conversations. Eighteen holes of golf take a great deal of time, possibly  lasting the entire day. Whether during the game or the downtime, don’t rush into talking business. Use your time wisely. Making the individuals feel trapped isn’t the way you want to approach or start your golf game. You want to make the environment enjoyable, and when the time arises, you can pitch ideas, and start talking business. Usually, you should wait until winding down to start conversations about business adventures.

Many corporate companies are using “Corporate Golf Gatherings” as tools to facilitate networking. Many doctors, dentists, or businessmen meet during golf conventions to talk business and seek opportunities to further their businesses. Which means you’re not only getting the pleasure of enjoying a round of golf, but you are also enhancing your professional/personal profile and receiving some additional business benefits:

1. Meet & Greet sessions before tee-off
2. Presentation opportunities
3. Tailoring your networking to those whom you choose

Forbes offers an article that gives you tips on closing a deal on the golf course, and how to use golf to your advantage for personal and professional networking. Golf should be fun, enjoyable but it can lead to business opportunities if played right.

Here is a YouTube video from FORE Business, talking about how golf will help form beneficial networking relationships.

LinkedIn offers golf networking groups, where individuals can apply to join or be invited to join to learn and be updated regarding current golf events. It is about being social and connecting with active golf players and members of clubs, to foster business opportunities. One popular group on LinkedIn is: Linked:Golfers, #1 Golf Networking Group Online“Whether your goal is to sign the next big business deal or to find a regular playing partner who will , witness your best-ever round, LinkedGolfers warmly welcomes you. Come on in, tell us who you are and what you need, visualize your plan, then swing away!” 

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