Making Introductions: How To Stand Out

Making introductions is probably your best networking tool, but are you introducing yourself properly? While networking is perhaps one valuable tool for an individual’s development and career building, it takes effort to stand out from others. Whether the networking is in person or online, introducing yourself is easy to do but you have an opportunity to differentiate yourself. A networking tip to develop a larger network for further introductions is blending your contacts (introducing them to each other), which has been proven to improve your network.

In this video, Derek Halpern demonstrates introductions are crucial while networking and in social triggering. He suggests that bringing someone into a ‘blind meeting’ will quickly burn through their entire network, due to people won’t take your introduction seriously. But what can you do instead? Halpern explains tips on how to make introductions successful. One rule it stresses is never introduce two business friends just on the notion you believe they would get along (okay for only social settings). Working with business people it’s good to ensure both can benefit from the introduction.

Two Steps of Making Introductions, which work:

  1. Ask the two individuals if they want to meet/making the connection. Reach out and persuade the individuals in advance. “You should meet David, he’s working on a new project and is seeking assistant in web design, and it seems to be something you leverage. Do you want the introduction?” Sell the individuals on being introduced, and then introduce them.
  2. When you make the introduction, reiterate why you connected them. (Why it’s in the interest of both parties) Sending a quick email saying, “I think you should both meet or chat,” can be disastrous, but instead state what each person has to offer and their value. It can be successful because both individuals know you pre-screened them. It will make the connection frictionless. There will be no confusion on either end of the connection.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes, what your connections think, and what results.

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