Online Networking, Worth It?



“Networking is not even a question of ‘Should I?’ It’s a lifeblood,” says Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room. We are taught that networking is the key to success, with introducing yourself, carrying a business card, having conversations with individuals, and working the room at events, but many can’t do all this in-person. This is where online networking comes into play. There are many networks and applications to achieve successful online networking.

Take LinkedIn for instance; “Building connections starts with people seeing all you have to offer. Members with complete profiles are 40x more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.” LinkedIn provides a guide on how to connect and networking online by using their tools to achieve success within your career.

Here is the link: LinkedIn Online Networking

Even Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’leary from Shark Tank provides a 48-second video on his channel addressing how significant online networking can improve your impact on social and your career. He states how he looks at online profiles such as LinkedIn when hiring to see if individuals are ‘jumping’ from job to job. He sees this as a bad sign and it indicates they're not successful when networking. You are building your record online on all your social accounts. “Use it well”, he finishes.



Here is another short video on mastering your career using online networking.



The video states the key elements you need for successful online networking,

  1. Know your networking sites
  2. Join networking groups
  3. Have a clean professional photo
  4. Build an online resume
  5. Get recommendations
  6. Be selective
  7. Be considerate of those who help you
  8. Do not follow up too much
  9. Be discrete

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