Ramping Up Business As Summer Turns To Fall


In the business community, the transition from summer to fall brings with it the challenges of an accelerated schedule, and quickening the pace after months of adjusting to a slower time-scale isn't easy. Today, let BNIGTA help guide you through that transition with our top tips for ramping things back up at your business after the quieter summer months.

1. Plan and prepare. Set some time aside as soon on as you can- ideally in the next week or so- and piece together a plan of attack for the coming months. How are you going to maintain your client base? How are you going to increase client satisfaction? How can you expand your business? Do you anticipate any restructuring or changes in direction? This time of year, things can speed up incredibly quickly with little to no notice, so asking yourself these questions and others and formulating strategies to respond to any foreseeable challenges now, while you do have the time, will pay dividends down the road.

2. Re-acquaint yourself with your network. Maybe you lost touch with a client due to the relaxed atmosphere of the business community over the summer months. Maybe you've just wrapped up an important project with another and are yet to discuss new business heading into the fall quarter. Maybe another just needs a reminder that you value their business. Whatever the case may be, a new quarter, a new atmosphere, and a new direction combine to make early fall a near-optimal time to reach out to your network. Go through your professional contacts and ask yourself whether your relationship with each of them is where you want it to be right now. If it isn't, you're in luck, this is a great time to start along the path to changing that.

3. Focus on key clients. In the planning and communications phases, we just discussed, make a point of identifying specific clients who you see as a priority going forward. Devote some time to determining how best to strengthen your connection and enhance your business with them and work to further those goals. Casting a wide net can be helpful in many situations, but allocating additional time and resources to those clients who have the ability to make a real concrete difference in your measurable success can have benefits that far outweigh those initial costs.

4. Leverage existing clients to acquire new ones. You should be busier professionally in the coming weeks and months. That's just the reality of the summer to fall transition; professionally, you're going from a period of relatively low traffic to a period of relatively high traffic, and that's going to have an impact, like it or not. Keeping that in mind, if things are getting busier anyway- if that's an inevitability of professional life in early autumn- why not take advantage of that fact.

You're going to have to adjust to an increased workload no matter what, so why not use this opportunity to try to grow your business? The relative impact of taking on new clients and new work will be lessened, so this is the perfect time for you to do so. Leverage your clients and leverage your network. Voluntarily increase your workload, and once you've adjusted to it, you'll be glad that you did.

Change provides opportunity, leverage yours and be the most effective professional you can be this fall.

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