Top 20 Networking Articles From The Last Year


Whether you are looking for a job, to grow your business, or expand your network, we can always be refining our networking skills. Some of us are introverts and find it hard to put ourselves out there. Others are uncertain about where to start, and some just need to clear up so bad networking habits.

BNI's philosophy when it comes to networking and referrals is Givers Gain and, with that philosophy in mind, we thought we would compile a list of the top 20 articles about networking from the past year based on the number of social shares. So without further adieu, here is the list:

  1. 7 Tips for Mastering the Fine Art of Following Up
  2. A master networker shares his top 20 networking tips
  3. 8 Tips to Be an Awesome Networker at Conferences
  4. 11 Helpful Tips for Becoming a Better Networker [Infographic]
  5. Starting a business is a marathon: 5 expert tips to avoid burnout
  6. 4 Tips for Staying Calm in Conversation With Very Important People
  7. 3 Great Networking Tips for Introverts
  8. Here’s What You Should Do to Make Networking Events Worthwhile
  9. Do You Still Need a Business Card?
  10. 3 Fast Tips From A Master Networker
  11. Networking Should Never Operate Like a Vending Machine (Note: Written by Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI)
  12. The Two Most Important Words You Can Say When Networking
  13. 5 Expert Networking Tips That Really Work
  14. 5 Easy Tips to Becoming a Better Networker
  15. 15 Useful Tips for Attending an Event Alone (And Actually Enjoying It)
  16. 8 Tips to Be the Most Memorable Person in the Room
  17. 3 personalized ways to network designed with you in mind
  18. 7 Networking Tips From a Real Millionaire
  19. For the Introverts Out There: 10 Tips for Becoming a Better Networker
  20. 5 Tips on Widening Your Network

Well, there you have it. We hope you find these articles interesting and helpful. If you have a favourite article that we missed or want to suggest additional resources then please share - it's all about givers gain.

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